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Book Review: Jamie Hayon Works

The story-telling goes on – store interiors and shoes for Camper; comprehensive furniture collections for BD Ediciones; champagne buckets for Piper-Heidsieck; sparkling lamps for Swarovski; a high-end restaurant interior in Madrid; Henry VIII-influenced chairs for Established & Sons; figurines for Lladro. But as journalist Caroline Roux rightfully puts it in her text at the end of the book, “Jaime is not over-productive for all his hyper-productivity. Everything he does has a point and a narrative, a reason. There’s just a lot of it.”

Why? Well, because this multi-linguistic global traveller has a lot of energy. He likes to move fast. As he says at the start of the book, “I’ve always worked on a million things at the same time… Ideas come to me quickly, and I like to act on them straight away… I get feedback and then just go for it.”

One senses that he approached his book with the same pace and enthusiasm. Those who work alongside him can’t help but become fired up by his passion, which inevitably made the late nights and intense hours spent on this book worthwhile.

One can perhaps see the release of this publication as a turning point in Hayon’s career, as his fame enables him to cast his web further afield. Indeed, commissions beckon from China and Dubai. Perhaps the release of this book marks the completion of a chapter in his life (albeit an early one) and now he can momentarily recompose before steaming ahead with forthcoming opportunities. “I’ve done so much and met so many people,” he states, “and now I need some time to think.” Time that I suspect will feature only as a tiny blip amid an illustrious career.

Jaime Hayon Works by Jaime Hayon
Publisher: Gestalten
Price: £50; $100; €69.90

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Jamie Hayon Works - pp 164-165
Jamie Hayon Works - pp 164-165
Jamie Hayon Works - pp 200-201
Jamie Hayon Works - pp 200-201
Jamie Hayon Works - pp 176-177
Jamie Hayon Works - pp 176-177