"Souviens toi que tu vas mourir" (Remember that you will die) chair by Pool

Nouvelle Vague | the new French domestic landscape

12 - 17 April '11

Centre Culturel Français

Curator Cédric Morisset, in collaboration with the Centre Culturel Français, will present the "Nouvelle vague (New wave), the new French domestic landscape" exhibition with A+A Cooren, Ionna Vautrin, Pierre Favresse, Studio Nocc and Pool from 12th to 17th April at the Milan Design Furniture Fair ‘off’.

Solo or as a duo, for the first time each of the designers are presenting completely new creations (free edition prototypes, small production and new editions) during the Milan Furniture Fair. Radically different from each other but united in a spirit of complicity and solidarity, these designers are outlining the new contours of the French domestic landscape, whilst their creations form a manifesto for the freedom of expression and to take initiative.

In very little time, their pioneering work, production, and commercialisation of new object and furniture collections has permitted a new generation of designers to stand out and become visible. Their work has also given this new wave confidence. Now uninhibited, polyglot and entrepreneurial, they take risks, auto-produce and are opening out to the world. From amongst these numerous new faces, five obviously outstanding will be presented at this exhibition: A+A Cooren, Ionna Vautrin, Pierre Favresse, Studio Nocc et Pool."
Cédric Morisset

"Perch" Collection by Pierre Favresse
"Perch" Collection by Pierre Favresse
"Tori-i" stool by A+A Cooren
"Tori-i" stool by A+A Cooren