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‘Cut & Paste’: New Work by Kiki Van Eijk

Opens 4th March ’10

Secondome Design Gallery

On the 4th of March a show of Dutch designer, Kiki van Eijk will unveil a new collection of intriguing objects at the Secondome Design Gallery in Rome.

The collection is the result of a collaboration between van Eijk and Secondome director, Claudia Pignatale and it focuses on the process and effect of the (seemingly archaic) practice of hand-sketching designs without any computer involved.

After more than a year from van Eijk’s first inception of the collection, she has produced seven objects from a series of hundreds of sketches. These final objects have a diverse range of references from a wheel to a birdcage, and they all have a personal and autonomous quality about them, which almost transforms them ino curiosities.

Each of the pieces shows van Eijk’s interest in materias, experimentation, research, sketching, context, settings, proportions, and everyday objects. After the exhibition in Rome, Secondome will show the objects from ‘Cut & Paste’ at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April.

For more information please visit www.secondome.eu