Plastic Nostalgia by Raw Edges

From Now to Eternity

19th September - 19th October 2008

Mother, Biscuit Building
10 Redchurch Street, London

Plastic is with us virtually from now to eternity: impervious to bacteria, acid, salt, rust, breakage and, in some cases, able to withstand heat, plastic is something of a miracle substance.

One hundred years ago, when it was first invented, no one could have anticipated that plastic would present one of our biggest recycling challenges.

Pioneering arts consultancy Arts Co is commissioning ten leading contemporary designers and design collectives to celebrate plastic through their work and look at ways to re-think our growing mountains of discarded plastic. The participating designers will show how plastic’s versatility - transparent or opaque, hard or pliant, able to take on a myriad of colours and forms – can serve their creativity.

The exhibition will feature works from:
Committee, FAT, Hiroko Shiratori, Raw Edges, Rolf Sachs, Stuart Haygarth
Tom Price and Tomoko Azumi.