Stool by Daniel Glazman

'From Improvisation to Design'

Tools and Parts by Daniel Glazman

From observations of local craftsmen, designer Daniel Glazman, formed a design practice that followed the motto from improvisation to design. Along his path Daniel has created stunning furniture that speaks of utility and function while at the same time allowing for a rich aesthetic experience.

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Dual Cut by Kitmen Keung

Dual Cut

by Kitmen Keung

Splitting a raw rectangular foam block with only two L-shaped cut lines, Dual Cut is a transformable furniture piece that employs the simplest production processes true to the materials in use with minimal wastage.

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Barcelona Chair

This chair's flexibility allows it to make any office stand out, or any living room or bedroom look elegant.

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Tomorrow is another day by Mathieu Lehanneur

Tomorrow is another day

by Mathieu Lehanneur at Carpenters Workshop Gallery


Originally intended for the Palliative Care Unit of the Diaconesses / Croix-Saint-Simon Hospital Group, Tomorrow is another day, is a weather station video which gives a clear image of tomorrow’s weather on a daily basis.

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Story Time  by Atelier NL with Laikingland

Story Time

by Atelier NL with Laikingland

Continuing with their mission to collaborate with leading designers to create kinetic design pieces Laikingland introduces their newest work Story Time by Atelier NL.

Story Time is an unconventional clock that challenges users not to tell time by hours in a day but by the stories which happen within time.

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Little Gem”

Wright to auction Frank Lloyd Wright’s 'Little Gem'

15 December '11


On December 15, 2011 Wright will auction the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Kenneth Laurent House and furnishings. The property has been consigned to the Chicago-based auction house by the original owner, Mr. Laurent.

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Soma Light by Ayala Serfaty

Ayala Serfaty: In Vein at Cristina Grajales Gallery

1 November - 23 December '11

New York

Cristina Grajales Gallery in NYC are presenting designer Ayala Serfaty's first solo show in the United States.

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Just a Stool by Ran Elimelech

Just a Stool

by Ran Elimelech

Inspired by the Japanese wrapping method called tsutsumu and his time as a trauma medic in the army - Ran Elimelech created these simple, yet thoughtful, stools entitled Just a Stool

Through thoughtful design these stools require no adhesives to hold them together - simple joints, wedges, cloth, and the weight of someone sitting are what make these objects become a stool.

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Cirkel by Daphna Laurens (photos by Mike Roelofs)

'Cirkel' by Daphna Laurens at Gallery Gosserez

24 November '11 - 14 January '12


From November 24th Gallery Gosserez will present Cirkel by Daphna Laurens. The new pieces designed by Daphna have a shared basis, the circle. Two dimensional drawings and ideas took shape during the last months in their workshop by modifying this elemental shape.

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Tekio by by Anthony Dickens


by Anthony Dickens

Tekio is a modular lighting system designed by Anthony Dickens. Deriving its name from the Japanese word for ‘adaptation’, the design was inspired by Dickens’ travel to the Far East in 2010. The prototype takes the idea of the traditional Japanese paper ‘Cochin’ lantern into a new, design-led dimension.

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Light Spot Yellow by Robert Stadler

Robert Stadler / 1000 Days

19 November '11 - 7 January '12


The Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris are presenting work from the last three years designed by Robert Stadler in an Exhibition entitled 1000 Days. Stadler's work seems to be highly sought after, just last month we saw his exhibition Wild Home at Triple V in Paris.

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Fauteuil Transat by Eileen Gray

20th Century Design Auction at Sotheby's

22 November '11


On the 22nd of November 2011 Sotheby's Paris will host a 20th Century Design auction that includes some of the most iconic design work by the collectible design market's most sought after designers.

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‘The Best of all Worlds' by Didier Faustino [photos by David Boureau]

‘The Best of all Worlds' by Didier Faustino

21 October - 4 December 2011


From 21st October to 4th December 2011, Didier Faustino presents ‘The Best of all Worlds' an installation designed for Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine in the framework of IFA.’

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RCA Secret 2012

RCA Secret 2011 - DeTnk Picks

26 November '11


Once again the Royal College of Art is hosting their annual 'Secret Postcard' fundraiser. With a total of 2,900 postcards selling at £45 each the fundraiser, as always, is set to help the RCA continue to provide the design and art community with some of the brightest graduates.

After looking through many of the postcards, we have picked some of our favourites.

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2012 Olympic Velodrome by Andrew Weir

2012 Olypmic Velodrome Preview on


Andrew Weir and Klause Bode discuss sustainability and holistic design as it relates to the much anticipated London Olympic Velodrome site in this interview with

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