Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Focus: Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Weekly Designer Bio

1868 - 1928

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in Glasgow in 1868 and died in London on 10th December 1928. His personality is one of those that characterize the period immediately preceding the Modern Movement.

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C.S. 5 by Charles R. Mackintosh

D.S. 5

Sideaboard ashwood frame stained black or stained walnut finish.

Enamelled glass mosaic decoration, bound with lead. Inlaid with mother of pearl.

Berlino Table by Charles R. Mackintosh

Berlino Table

Table in natural cherrywood with extending top.
The opening mechanism is positioned under the top and is moved by pulling out a small board located in the middle of the longest side of the top.
By lifting the top surface it is possible to extract one or both the underlying extensions.

Ingram by Charles R. Mackintosh


Chair in natural cherrywood.

Padded seat cushion in polyurethane foam with upholstery in fabric or leather.

G.S.A by Charles R. Mackintosh

G.S.A Table

Table Ø 190 cm. in ashwood stained black or stained walnut.

The top has a revolving central part, Ø 110 cm., that can be adjusted approximately 3 cm. in height by means of a lever.

Veneered top in ashwood stained black or stained walnut.

Solid in ash frame stained black or stained walnut.

Argyle by Charles Rennie Mackintosh


Chair, ashwood frame stained black. Seat upholstered in a special fabric blue colour.

Platinum Core by Emeline Lavocat

"Glass Session" by ESAD Reims at Villa Noailles

1 July - 2 October '11

For the 6th edition of Design Parade, Villa Noailles has invited the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design in Reims (Reims School of Art and Design) to exhibit a selection of works, the result of two workshops which took place in 2011, with blown glass as the theme.

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Clouds by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec at Centre Pompidou-Metz

7 October '11 – 30 july '12


The Centre Pompidou-Metz presents the first major retrospective in France dedicated to the work of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

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Meltdown by Tom Price

Meltdown by Tom Price

The 'meltdown series' by Tomprice are created using the same techniques applied to different materials.

The 'pp sheet' chair is created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a bundle of crumpled polypropylene sheets. The sheets begin to liquify as they come into contact with the heated former, then set in the shape of the seat as it cools, creating a contrast in form and texture to the remaining sheets.

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Casts and Moulds at the Aram Gallery

Casts and Moulds at the Aram Gallery

28 July - 27 August '11


The Aram Gallery presents Casts and Moulds, the next instalment in its on-going exhibition series, Prototypes and Experiments. The sixth show focuses on casting and moulding as a means of manufacture. Each exhibitor was selected because they are exemplary of the scope in moulding across design disciplines; product, furniture, jewellery and architecture.

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Lady Killer Vol.1 by Atelier Ted Noten with Laikingland

Lady Killer Vol.1

by Atelier Ted Noten with Laikingland

Conventionally a jewellery box is a special container for storing your prized possessions, it’s often decorated and contains several sections. Lady Killer Vol.1 is certainly a special container, it has a boxy form that houses jewellery and is adorned with carefully crafted decoration, and it even has upper and lower compartments.

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Charlotte Perriand

Focus: Charlotte Perriand

Weekly Designer Bio


Charlotte Perriand from the first decades of the twentieth century, brought about a profound change in aesthetic values and gave birth to a truly modern sensitivity towards everyday life.

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Accordo Rug by Charlotte Perriand

Accordo Rug

A space for coming together and conviviality, this rug has been created to host the low table. Hand-knotted rug in pure wool.

Accordo by Charlotte Perriand


A sculptural, visually dynamic form, is the unique characteristic of this low table. The table top in mat lacquered black wood is supported by four legs that are elliptic in section.