Lorenz Vase

Lorenz Vase

Matt white exterior with glazed interior.

Form Group Seating

Form Group Seating

Teak frame with black veneered wood backs and black metal frame. Upholstered in 'Causeway' fabric.

Magnetic Light_03 by Jochem Faudet 2008

Magnetic Light_03

Jochem Faudet

Of all the illustrious achievements of science and technology, the creation of artificial light is at the top of the list. Today the miracle of light is far less about our ability to transform night into day at the flick of a switch, but more so about the innovative ways in which we use, harness and deliver it.

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'Untitled Chair' by Karen Ryan

Untitled Chair

From the collection of ‘Custom Made’ furniture by British designer Karen Ryan, this amalgamation of abandoned or ‘misfit’ chairs is created to form a new structure, unique and again valued.

Peel Gallery By:Amt and Studio Jan Habraken 2008

By:Amt and Studio Jan Habraken

20th July - 29th August '08

Peel Gallery
4411 Montrose Houston, Texas 77006

The Dutch design couple, Alissia Melka-Teichroew and Jan Habraken, have joined forces for an exhibition of their work at the Peel Gallery in Houston, Texas.

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Design Deutschland: Case Study 08 Neues Museum 2008

Design Deutschland. Case Study 08

25th July - 5th October '08

Neues Museum
Luitpoldstraße 5, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany

This marvelous presentation of German design offers a thematic cross-section of classic and contemporary works by German designers and producers.

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(photo: Benders & Stevens Fotografische Vormgeving)

Lotte Van Laatum

Focussing on the social-cultural and ecological aspects of design, Lotte Van Laatum’s geographical wooden chopping boards and, in particular her tree cabinet made from dutch elm, demonstrate how simple methods of biomimicry can create truly elegant design.

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Cutlery Pieces with Red Handles by Anne Marchand part of 'Continuity in Diversity'

Continuity in Diversity

Anne Marchand

As part of an exploration into theoretical issues surrounding visual cultures and sustainability, Anne Marchand, a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, Canada, has realized a series of examples which offer disparate, unvalued goods a chance at a second life.

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August Exhibition - Polybloc

In an industry that has become obsessed with chairs, whether it be the organic curves of the Eames Rocker, the elegance of Mies van der Röhe's Barcelona chair or the simplicity of Verner Panton's S-shaped chair, it is surprising to think that the most used and globally recognised seat is the Monobloc, or as we know it, your everyday white plastic chair.

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The Cult of Simplicity - David Pogue: When It Comes To Tech, Simplicity Sells

David Pogue: When It Comes To Tech, Simplicity Sells

New York Times columnist David Pogue takes aim at technology’s worst interface-design offenders.

He even goes as far as breaking into song, in this lively, memorable presentation on the importance of simplicity as it relates to tech design.

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Voussoir Cloud by IwamotoScott - SCI-Arc Gallery

Voussoir Cloud

1st August - 14th September '08

SCI-Arc Gallery
350 Merrick Street, Los Angeles

Using architecture as a form of applied design research, San Francisco based architecture and design practice IwamotoScott in collaboration with Buro Happold have created Voussoir Cloud, a site-specific installation at the SCI-Arc Gallery.

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P.F.1(Public Farm One) by WORK Architecture Company - P.S.1 and MoMA

Young Architects Programme 2008

Now - 24th August '08

PS1 Outdoor Courtyard
22-25 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, New York.

The Young Architects Program, jointly presented by MoMA and P.S.1, enables emerging architects to design creative interpretations of P.S.1's large entrance courtyard.

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Fully Booked cover image

Book Review: Fully Booked

Max Fraser

At their simplest, books are bound pages of Times New Roman drivel, at their most elaborate, they are rich creative explorations at the heart of the graphic medium. In the main, authors get paid a pittance writing them and graphic designers over-indulge their time creating them. What for? Well, for the love of books.

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Richard Woods Door  - Reconstruction #3 Artists Playground

Sudeley Castle

A perfect day out

On a warm summer's day, we headed to Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire to see the sculptures and installations on display as part of the 'Reconstruction #3, Artists' Playground' exhibition.

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