Bambi Stool by Simon Hasan

Simon Hasan

RCA Graduate Collection

As a direct result of his on-going investigation into process, form and craft, Simon Hasan has produced an accomplished array of products, including 'Vase Family', 'Bambi & Twist Stools', and Naked Radio for his graduate collection at the Royal College of Art.

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Regent's Canal: A Fresh Perspective

3-6th July 2008

With the help of British Waterways, Conisbee, and other local businesses, Regent's Canal is set to be one of the most exciting destinations at this year's London Festival of Architecture.

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Embassies-Erik Olofsen- 'In Places', 2004.jpg

Embassies Project

23rd June - 20th July '08

In partnership with the British Council, the London Festival of Architecture will present The Embassies Project to showcase the work of architects and designers in over 20 embassies across London.

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By Royal Appointment by Moritz Waldemeyer

By Royal Appointment

Interactive chairs that assimilate the colour of the wearer's clothing and glow that same colour.

Limited edition of 15 pieces.

Previous Exhibitions include: Grandmateria, London. September 14-October 15 2007; Design Miami, Miami. December 7-9 2007.

Quater Dollar Chair

Quarter Dollar Chair

This iconic chair is part of the American designer's ‘Coin Furniture’ collection. Made using approximately 1,200 quarters, each coin is welded 4 times and set on a sculptural metal

FEATURED WORKS presents highlights from DeTnk's complete collection of works

We are always looking to exhibit talented designers with original works. If you would like to showcase your newest creation on DeTnk. Log in to register, then submit your work. On approval, it will be uploaded for other DeTnk visitors to view.

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'Untitled' Chair

Untitled Lamp

Exploring painting, the designer has created these beautiful lights. Designed to sit on the floor or surfaces (not hung from the ceiling) the long electrical cords are very much part of the aesthetic of the piece.
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Danish Modernism in Architecture - Danish Embassy’s sust-DANE-able exhibition - The Royal Danish Embassy

Danish Modernism in Architecture: From Arne Jacobsen to Present Times: Breakfast Talk

5th July '08, 4:30pm - 6:30 pm

The Royal Danish Embassy
55 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9SR

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971), the architect behind the Danish Embassy in London, was one of the leading Scandinavian architects of his time and one of the first to introduce functionalism and later on international style in Denmark.

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Softwall by Molo Design - Flexibility: Design in a fast-changing society - photo molodesign

Flexibility Debate

28th June '08, 2:00pm

Officine Grandi Riparazioni
via Paolo Borsellino 17/A, Torino Italy

Leading international designers - Ross Lovegrove Patricia Urquiola, Clemens Weisshar and Matali Crasset - will gather to analyse and discuss some of the works developed by the designers for the exhibition "Flexibility: Design in a fast-changing Society".

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Jailbreak by KramWeisshar - Flexibility: Design in a fast changing society - Photo KramWeisshar

Flexibility: Design In A Fast-Changing Society

29th June - 12th October '08

Ex-Carceri, “Le Nuove”
Via Paolo Borsellino 1, Torino Italy

In 2050 over 90% of the world's population will live in cities. These systems of close-knit connections between material objects and immaterial factors produced by man are often directly responsible for reducing, and sometimes even paralysing, the manoeuverability of individuals.

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Deptford Project Café Design - Design by Morag Myerscough

The Deptford Project Café

24th June '08

121-123 Deptford High Street
London SE8 4NS

A1960s commuter train carriage has been converted into one of London’s most unique cafés by designer Morag Myerscough.

The Deptford Project café is located in the old railway yard of Deptford station – London’s first suburban railway station, built in 1836.

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Intelligence2 debate with RIBA Trust - Intelligence2

Intelligence2 debate with RIBA Trust: The State Of Modern Architecture

30th June '08 6:45pm - 8:30pm

Royal Geographical Society's Ondaatje Theatre,
1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

Renowned London debating forum Intelligence2 and the RIBA Trust invite you to cast your vote as speakers dispute the state of modern architecture and question the motion that Prince Charles was right - modern architecture is still all glass stumps and carbuncles.

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Backstage: A Sideview On The Moroso Design Collection - MOROSO

Backstage/A Sideview On The Moroso Design Collection

Now - 14th September, '08

Gallery 113
Walle 113, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Gallery 113 presents the behind the scenes of Moroso, one of the world’s most innovative design producers.

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Saw by Matthew Kroeker


Matthew Kroeker

A nod to the form of an old weathered sawhorse. The saw table-light references the furniture making of our ancestors and creates a ritual of turning on and off a light.

The scarred white oak surface houses several slots that provide varying degress of brightness to the interlocking nickel-plated lamp.

Designed for HutJ

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